One Map Gurgaon -The one-stop solution for Gurugram’s problems

The residents of Haryana’s Gurugram will soon be able to access all information related to their city on a single platform, “One Map Gurgaon”.

The one-of-its-kind initiative in north India, ‘One Map Gurgaon’ will provide information on various government departments, streets of the city, residential and commercial properties, sewage, water and electricity distribution, etc.

The work on Geographic Information System (GIS) started two years ago and the system is expected to get operational by next month.

Once operational, the residents will be able to lodge complaints related to civic amenities, and access information on CCTV cameras installed in the city, mobile towers and other government facilities and services.

Currently, the system is being updated with data, which is being collected using drone-mapping technology with the help of Ministry of Science.

GADA CEO V Umashankar claims that the system has an advantage over Google as the latter uses user-generated data, while the data on One Map Gurgaon is especially collected for the platform.The authorities are also in the process of developing a mobile app for the system.

Source – Times of India

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